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[RotoGuru subtitle] Troubleshooting Tips

Problem: When I try to access the Daily Blurbs page, I either get an error message, or I get asked to provide a password.

Try this:This occasionally happens when an error occurs while an updated blurb page is being transferred to the server, or when there is a network outage. Typically, the problem is temporary. However, when this happens, other RotoGuru pages should still function normally. In addition, when this occurs, I usually put up a separate blurb page to temporarily bypass the problem. Try directly accessing one of the following addresses:

Problem: I get a JavaScript error when accessing a page

Try this: Normally, this will only occur when accessing one of the JavaScript programs, like the Assimilator or the Sched-O-Matic. Assuming you have successfully used the troubled program before, the difficulty invariability is the result of a bad transmission (i.e., you received some extraneous data during downloading.) This can usually be cured by clicking on your browser's reload or refresh button. Sometimes you have to force the browser to go out to the server to get a clean copy (since it may be content to continually access the garbled version from your computer's local cache.) Just hold down the shift key while clicking on reload or refresh.

Occasionally a JavaScript error pops up on a page which has no apparent programs. This usually means the advertising banner has malfunctioned. If the page looks OK otherwise, then just ignore it. Otherwise, you can try reloading, as described in the previous paragraph.

Problem: In the Assimilator, my stored rosters keep disappearing.

Try this: You're probably using the Netscape browser, which doesn't handle cookies correctly once the max limit is reached. Netscape will only store a maximum of 300 cookies in total, and no more than 20 cookies per domain. There is also an overall size limit in bytes. In the Assimilator, each roster is stored as a separate cookie. So that implies a limit of 20 rosters. Presumably, this limit would apply across all Assimilators, so when multiple sports are active, it may be more of an issue.

The more difficult limitation relates to the overall max of 300 cookies. There are all sorts of cookies stored on your machine that you don't even realize are there. Any site that wants a "memory" - like storing your password so you don't have to retype it everytime you pull up the site - probably stores the info in a cookie file. And I can't figure out how Netscape decides which cookies to "forget" when the limit is reached. However, I occasionally have the same problem that you do (using Netscape 4.5), so it seems like "last in, first out" may apply in my case. According to the folks at Netscape, that's not how it's supposed to work, but a number of Gurupies will confirm that the folks at Netscape are wrong.

When I run into this (it happens about every three months for me), I just delete the current cookie file, and start from scratch. This means that some sites forget my passwords and I have to retype them, but it also evidently eliminates a lot of cookies that are not being actively used, since it takes almost three months for my machine to regain "cookie monster" status. In Netscape, you do this by deleting the file called "cookie.txt", which is probably stored somewhere in your "Program Files/Netscape" subdirectories. Alternatively, you can just rename the file to something else - like "cookie-old.txt" - so that you can rename it back at some point if you need to recover cookie information. If there is no cookie.txt file when Netscape loads, it just creates a new, blank file. So once you've done this, enter and save your Assimilator rosters again, and you should be able to hang onto them for a long time.

If you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, you shouldn't have this problem at all.

RotoGuru is produced by Dave Hall (a.k.a. the Guru), an avid fantasy sports player. He is not employed by any of the fantasy sports games discussed within this site, and all opinions expressed are solely his own. Questions or comments are welcome, and should be emailed to Guru<>.

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