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Until March, 2001, was wholly funded through advertising revenues. Unfortunately, while advertising rates were sufficient to support the site, payment defaults from a number of sources still resulted in the site operating at a small cumulative loss during its first three years.

The current softness in internet advertising markets makes it impossible to support the site solely through advertising sources. In addition, the popularity of the site has prompted a need for more expensive servers to accommodate site traffic, particularly at the message forum. Costs to maintain the site with its current capabilities, features, and game prizes are currently running at around $7,000 annually. In addition, I devote significant personal time and effort to producing the site, for which I am paid zilch.

Advertising fees will only support a small fraction of that load. Sales of RotoGuru merchandise will also provide some revenue, but those amounts are unlikely to be substantial.

For a broader perspective on maintaining a free site, please see The Libera Manifesto.

Most Gurupies believe that it is important to keep the site alive and free, and in a show of support, many have committed to provide financial support through voluntary cash donations. The suggested contribution level is $5 per month for each month of the year that you actively use the site. But as a voluntary payment, Gurupies are encouraged to contribute at their own comfort level, taking into account their personal financial resources, and considering the value gained though the use of the site. And any payment frequency is acceptable - annually, monthly, seasonally, or ad hoc. Again, this is voluntary, so the timing is up to you.

"GuruPatrons" are listed (under their forum name, unless otherwise requested) in a registry which recognizes five levels of cumulative giving:

  • SuperDudes - Gurupies who have cumulatively contributed $500 or more.
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In addition, the names of all GuruPatrons will be highlighted alongside their message forum posts. The purpose is not so much to single out the contributors, but to demonstrate to all site users the breadth of Gurupies who have voluntarily committed their financial support toward keeping the site alive and free for everyone.

To facilitate the collection of donations, two methods are sanctioned. (Note: The Amazon Honor system has been discontinued by Amazon, and is not longer available.)

1. You may use PayPal to transfer money from your credit card, debit card, or bank account. Just click on the PayPal icon to the left, fill in the amount you wish to contribute, and follow the PayPal instructions. (There is obviously no need to supply a shipping address.) All donations will be acknowledged via email, at which time I will secure your permission to be listed as a GuruPatron. (For more information about PayPal, please visit

You may use the button above whether you already have an account with PayPal or not. First time users will be asked to initiate an account or pay by credit card. Registered users will be prompted to log in. If you prefer to initiate the payment from your own account login, please send it to

Please note that PayPal prohibits any transactions related to gambling. If your donation is submitted as being related to any wager, I must return it.

Gurupies living outside the US who do not already have a PayPal account will need to open an account via a special international form. See steps for opening an international account.

2. For those who cannot or prefer not to use PayPal, cash or a check may be sent via "snail mail" to the following address:
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Checks should be payable to either "Uncommon Cents, LLC" or "David Hall". Please enclose your email address so that I can acknowledge your donation and secure your permission to be listed as a GuruPatron.

Thanks to all Gurupies for your support and encouragement!

---- Dave Hall

RotoGuru is produced by Dave Hall (a.k.a. the Guru), an avid fantasy sports player. He is not employed by any of the fantasy sports games discussed within this site, and all opinions expressed are solely his own. Questions or comments are welcome, and should be emailed to Guru<>.

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